2005 Rs of Excellence Award Winners

2005 Municipal Program Award: Bow Valley Waste Management Commission

Progressive programming in the Bow Valley has resulted in diversion at the Francis Cooke Regional Class III Landfill going from 14% diversion to close to 60% diversion in five years. This has been accomplished through diversion programs for concrete, asphalt, metal, white goods (appliances), tires, kiln-dried lumber, scrub and brush, yard and garden composting and CRD ReUsit.

CRD Source Separation initiatives with the local development industry are also ongoing. These are all part of an integrated strategic plan for waste management that has been developed for the region. As part of this plan, residential recycling programs have been upgraded and a regional transfer station complete with a processing facility for recyclables has been completed in Banff. An implementation plan for organics composting has also been completed and a demonstration project is proceeding this year.

2005 Corporate Leadership Award: Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.

HP’s corporate policy seeks to design products to be safe to use, to minimize their use of energy and natural resources and enable their end-of-life recycling. HP believes that the environmental performance of products is largely determined at the design stage, and that through intelligent design it can reduce the environmental impact of its products and that of its customers.

HP began its Design for Environment program in 1992 with three priorities:

  • Energy efficiency – reduce the energy needed to manufacture and use our products
  • Materials innovation – reduce the amount of materials used in our products, use recycled materials, find alternatives for hazardous materials and develop materials that have less environmental impact and more value at end of life
  • Design for recyclability – design equipment that is easier to upgrade and recycle

HP also offers more take-back and recycling services than any other IT company in Canada. In 2004, its Planet Partners program collected and recycled approximately 54,800 tonnes of used products. This year, HP launched pre-paid in-box return envelopes in Canada for select printer cartridges. HP’s Goal for 2007: Recycle 1 billion pounds of electronic products globally.

2005 Product Stewardship Award: ABCRC Elementary School Program

As part of ABCRC‚s continuous effort to collect beverage containers in Alberta, an Elementary School Recycling Program was created for the 2004-2005 school year. Because many students bring recyclable beverage containers to school every day, ABCRC saw the opportunity to develop a program to encourage the students to recycle their containers. By giving schools three recycling bins each, plastic bags, the Cycle of Life/Recycle handbook, posters, and brochures, each participating school had the necessary resources to make the program a success.

Refunded deposit money was used for school fundraising initiatives. The average school can raise between 50 and 100 dollars per month. The program was an enormous success. There were over 230 schools registered, and over 1,260,000 containers returned for deposit. The total dollar value of deposits refunded to the schools over the course of the program was $70,000. The 2005/2006 school year will see the return of the Elementary School Recycling Program, along with the introduction of a Junior High and High School Recycling Program. These recycling programs will continue to promote beverage container recycling in Alberta and ABCRC hopes to continue its success.

2005 Outstanding Contribution to Recycling Award: METRO Waste Paper Recovery Inc.

Metro Waste Paper Recovery Inc. has been successfully diverting paper fibres from the waste stream for over 25 years. Metro Alberta has seen steady growth over the years, and in 2004 recycled more than 1.5 billion kg of fibre. Their committed and knowledgeable staff provide invaluable assistance to rural recycling initiatives, grassroots environmental groups, recycling societies, municipalities and private industry. In the business or paper recycling, they have consistently shown outstanding environmental commitment and dedication.

2005 Government Leadership Award: Waste Reduction Team, Alberta Environment

The Waste Reduction Team of Alberta Environment (formerly Action on Waste Division) has been involved in a number of initiatives over the last several years that have resulted in concrete solutions to waste management issues. Examples include background studies, strategies and program development for such waste streams as scrap tires, compost, construction and demolition debris, used oil, household hazardous waste, beverage containers and waste electronics.

This group in Alberta Environment has consistently been on the leading edge in dealing with a variety of waste streams. As a result of this work, programs have been spawned from the department to safely manage potentially hazardous materials and other materials that should not enter the municipal solid waste stream.

The Waste Reduction Team has worked in partnership with many stakeholders (including municipalities, non-government organizations, and industry groups) to identify potential initiatives that demonstrate significant improvements in the environmental quality for Albertans by reducing solid waste.

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award: Tom Baldwin

Tom was an enormous contributor to recycling in Northern Alberta. He was a Board member of Northern CARE for 10 years and was key in developing the organization to reach its many recycling goals. His steadfast goal to improve the quality of life in northern Alberta was demonstrated clearly in his ongoing commitment to creating recycling initiatives through the various organizations he represented.

His vision, strength, intelligence, leadership, tact and diplomacy created partnerships among a wide variety of municipalities, business corporations, and not-for-profit organizations that have withstood the test of time. Those partnerships created initiatives that enabled recycling programs to be set up in areas that could otherwise not have had the level of service they require.

Through the growing pains of Northern CARE during its establishment, Tom was a steadfast beacon of common sense and practicality. Tom was a true gentleman and visionary, and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award: Jack Astill

Jack is an icon in the recycling industry. He was born in Westlock, Alberta. Prior to becoming Manager of Allied Paper Savers in 1989, he was involved in a variety of industries, including oilfield, trucking, excavating, and bingo hall management. Jack was active with the Recycling Council of Alberta for many years, holding a variety of Board positions, including President. Jack has also been a strong community volunteer for most of his life, including coaching both baseball and hockey.

Jack is well-known for his open, down-to-earth approach to developing recycling partnerships, which has earned him a reputation for honesty and integrity in the industry. The rumours of Jack’s retirement last year were apparently exaggerated, as he is still seen on the recycling circuit throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.