2023 Rs of Excellence Award Winners

The 2023 Rs of Excellence Awards were presented at the RCA’s Circular Economy Conference “There and Back Again: The Journey to Circularity” banquet evening at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on October 19, 2023.

Waste Reduction Award – City of Edmonton Single-Use Item Reduction Bylaw

The City’s groundbreaking bylaw, effective since July, targets a 20% reduction in single-use items within 4 years. This initiative includes restrictions on shopping bags, foodware, cups, and accessories, pioneering a focus on reducing, not just substituting materials. An exemplary step towards sustainable living.

Corporate Leadership Award – EAB Exchange-A-Blade

Pioneering sustainable practices since 1976, EAB introduced a unique program enabling users to return worn power tool accessories for credit, reducing landfill waste and promoting a circular economy. Their dedication to sustainability sets a powerful example for the industry.

Reusable Service Award- Earthware Reusables

Through their innovative return-for-reuse food takeout container program, Earthware has sold over 60,000 containers to 40+ restaurants, setting a global precedent in collaboration with the Alberta Bottle Depot Association. A remarkable step towards a greener future in the food industry.

Circular Economy Award – Goodwill Industries of Alberta: Repair for Good

Goodwill’s ‘Repair for Good’ program not only reduces furniture waste but also provides training for people with disabilities, nurturing valuable job and employability skills. A commendable initiative that brings positive change to both the environment and the community.

Educational Leadership Award – Salisbury Composite High School’s Culinary Program

Under the guidance of Miranda Higuchi, the program integrates food waste education and rescue into its curriculum, empowering students with essential life skills while instilling a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices. A stellar example of fostering sustainability through education.

Sharing Economy Award – Hodgepodge Lodge, Strathcona County

This community reuse building, built with reclaimed materials, has become a hub for recycling and sharing resources. With a remarkable intake and redistribution record, the lodge symbolizes the community’s commitment to sustainability and collaboration. A true testament to the power of collective effort.