Circular Cities Webinar

hosted by the Recycling Council of Alberta and Circle Economy

Circle Economy is a cooperative, social enterprise based out of the Netherlands, with the mission of accelerating the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy. Circle Economy has assisted many European cities with Circular Economy research and reporting.

The June 25, 2019 webinar discussed the basics and benefits of shifting the economies of our Alberta communities to become more circular.

Watch the recording of the webinar here:

Circular economy is becoming a hot topic across Canada, with many businesses and cities taking first steps toward practical measures.

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) is leading the movement toward a circular economy throughout Alberta, and is engaging with cities and communities throughout the province on the topic.

While cities are familiar with the term, the concept is still relatively new and the knowledge around global best practices is not well known.

The first part of the webinar consisted of a two-person presentation from Circle Economy that aims
to provide participants with specific knowledge on the following areas:

  • What is the circular economy and why it represents a crucial opportunity for cities and communities?
  • What are the global best business and policy practices in circular economy?
  • What benefits are already being seen in cities?
  • Effective and practical steps to getting started?

The second part of the webinar was an interactive session, moderated by the RCA, where participants were able to ask questions.