Bring Your Own Cup Competition

Are you looking for a fun way to get your office or work place involved with Waste Reduction Week?  Do you want to change your work place’s waste habits?  Become involved in the Recycling Council of Alberta’s “Bring Your Own Cup” competition!  The competition will run between October 20 and 26, 2014, and will challenge employees to rid their office of disposable coffee cups and water bottles.

Coffee cups and water bottles are an unnecessary form of waste as we all have the ability to bring a travel mug or water bottle with us on our commute to and from work.  If we can all pledge to take this simple step to reduce our waste output and reduce our impact on the environment, together we can make a difference. Reusable beverage containers conserve resources, and reduce environmental impacts associated with manufacturing of single-use cups and bottles.

How does the competition work?  At the beginning of the week you will take a quick survey asking about your beverage intake habits (like if you drink coffee on your way to work) and you will be asked to sign a pledge stating you will use your reusable cup and abstain from getting drinks in a “to go” cup.  We then ask you to record the days from Monday, October 20 to Friday, October 26, tallying the total days you utilized your reusable ware.  The following Monday there will be another survey asking the number of days you used your reusable container, and the amount of beverages you purchased in a disposable cup.  The office or work place with the highest number/percentage of employees participating and the fewest disposable cups wasted wins.  The winner will receive a prize package containing coffee and tea for their workplace, with great runner-up prizes, as well.

In order to participate we ask that one person from the work place volunteers to disseminate the surveys and another one or two employees volunteer to assist and “watchdog” the program.  If you would like to sign up to register or receive further information please contact the Recycling Council of Alberta’s Outreach Coordinator, Leanne Moreira, at