RCA Releases EPR FAQs

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) has had a great interest from members and partners to learn more about Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). We released a list of FAQs to provide answers to common questions about EPR. The FAQs should be read in conjunction with the RCA’s Key Principles of an EPR Framework.

EPR is a key instigator to establish a circular economy, which is the ultimate outcome we strive to achieve in Alberta. The concept of a circular economy involves designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible, and regenerating natural systems.

The FAQs will be updated as we receive more inquiries, and we plan to provide more resources on the topic. If you have questions that are unanswered, please reach out to us!

Other resources are available on our EPR webpage including copies of the latest presentations and podcasts from our webinar with EPR experts in January.

The RCA also has plans to host a webinar on Alberta’s EPR Engagement once the discussion document is released by Alberta Environment and Parks. We anticipate the release of these documents shortly, but do not have confirmation of a date. Please keep an eye on your email for more news from us on this topic!