Alberta Environment and Parks Announces Launch of EPR Engagement Plans

March 17, 2021 – This morning the Minister of Environment and Parks, Jason Nixon, announced the government’s plan to begin formal consultation on extended producer responsibility (EPR). The announcement was delivered to attendees at the Rural Municipalities Association’s 2021 Virtual Spring Convention. The government also shared a press release on the announcement.

The engagement will focus on plastic, packaging and hazardous household waste and will run until the end of April. A discussion paper will be available later today for input. AEP will lead sector table engagement sessions with stakeholders and invitations will be sent over the next several days. A public survey is also part of the engagement.

The Minister announced the engagement as part of advancing a circular plastics economy through Alberta’s Natural Gas Strategy, positioning Alberta as a hub for plastics recycling. He also focused on the benefits of creating jobs, diversifying the economy and protecting the environment.

The results of the feedback will be applied to set up a framework for EPR in the province by the Fall of 2021, including legislative changes.

The Recycling Council of Alberta is closely following updates and will share more information as it becomes available. The RCA is planning a webinar series to discuss the engagement process, starting on March 30. Mark the date!

As an environmental and economic policy approach in which producers of products and packaging bear responsibility for ensuring those products and packages are properly managed at the end of their life-cycle, the RCA believes EPR is key to advancing a circular economy. More information including frequently asked questions can be found on our website at