RCA Member Feature – Merlin Plastics


The RCA is advancing a circular economy in the province of Alberta. As a non-profit charitable organization, we achieve our goals by working collaboratively with our members and partners.

In this edition of Connector, we’re excited to showcase Merlin Plastics, a valued member of the RCA!

Merlin Plastics is a recycler and processor of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic packaging. Merlin Plastics, located in Delta, BC, Canada, is the headquarters for the Merlin Group of Companies with sorting and processing facilities across Canada and in the United States. Their facility in Alberta also recycles and processes Agricultural Film and Oil Containers.

Merlin’s high-value, high-quality recycled plastic pellet and flake, PET (FDA), HDPE (FDA), LDPE and PP, are being integrated into various commercial and industrial industries as an alternative to virgin resin for manufacturers to produce similar or other consumer goods.

Their mission is to recycle discarded packaging in an environmentally sound, economically efficient, and socially responsible fashion. Their vision is to play an integral role in the packaging end-of-life by replacing the traditional ‘cradle-to-grave’ lifecycle of plastic products with continuous reuse and recycling. Merlin Plastics has built strong and lasting relationships with communities, local governments, stewardship and advocacy groups, brand owners, private industry partners, and industry associations, to work towards zero waste and a seamless and sustainable circular economy.

Key Services Offered by Merlin Plastics:

  • Recycling & Sorting: Expertise in recycling and sorting post-consumer and post-industrial materials, serving commercial companies, MRFs, and industrial manufacturers across Canada and the United States.
  • Tolling, Regrinding & Pelletizing: Advanced technology and specialize equipment for tolling, regrinding, and pelletizing services, tailored to meet diverse business standards.
  • Compacting & Baling: Commercial compaction and baling services for plastics, paper, cardboard, tin, and aluminum.
  • Full Goods Destruction: Safe and environmentally friendly destruction of expired or substandard beverage products.

For more details about Merlin Plastics and their innovative recycling solutions, visit their website!