Chestermere Introduces Clear Garbage Bag Mandate

Connector Winter 2016

Chestermere residents are required to put their trash in transparent plastic bags as of February 1 – the final step in an extensive curbside recycling and composting program that launched spring 2015. Despite an online petition and complaints, the policy became mandatory as scheduled.

Leigh-Anne Palter, CEO of Chestermere Utilities Incorporated, said the new rule will allow trash collectors to see if recyclables are going in the garbage and stem from changes at Calgary’s Spyhill Landfill, where waste from the small city just east of Calgary is sent. The landfill is raising rates for commercial vehicle loads containing paper or cardboard, effective Feb. 1, making Chestermere’s strict new recycling standards necessary to save money. The penalty for residents who don’t put their waste in a clear bag is that their waste won’t be picked up.

Palter said reaction has been mixed. “On balance, we’ve received equal comments from people saying, ‘This is great, this is exactly what we should be doing, thank you,’ to people who don’t understand and are really resisting the change,” she said.

Source: Calgary Herald