Lethbridge Rejects Curbside Recycling

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City councillors in Lethbridge have voted 5-4 against a resolution calling for the construction of a multi-million dollar recycling facility and the implementation of a bi-weekly blue bin curbside recycling program in two years following a pilot project.

“We’re not inventing anything here. This has been happening for good reason in cities across this country, across North America,” councillor Bridget Mearns, who put forward the resolution, told local media.

Councillor Jeff Coffman, who voted against the curbside recycling plan, published a blog post stating he supports a curbside recycling program but wants to ensure Lethbridge does it right. “Curbside is not dead. I want it too, but not at all cost. It needs to occur in a responsible and sustainable way,” Coffman wrote.

Source: Calgary Herald