RCO Rebrands as Circular Innovation Council

Connector June 2020

On June 23 the Recycling Council of Ontario announced the beginning of their new future as they transition  to the Circular Innovation Council:

“Our mission will largely remain the same: eliminate waste. We will continue to champion effective waste policy, and design programs, pilots, and resources with a wider lens on circularity. We feel that as Recycling Council of Ontario our name does not fully represent what we have to offer. As the Circular Innovation Council we will leverage our long history and institutional knowledge in recycling, and use that as a starting point to ignite and foster innovation through collaboration that will advance the circular economy, and stay true to our roots and original mission to eliminate waste. This new identity is only our first step. An exciting step. Over the next year, with our board of directors and staff, along with our members, partners, and stakeholders, we will strategically design our direction, enhance our mandate, and most importantly, advance the circular economy in Canada.“

Source: Recycling Council of Ontario