Best Practices for Recycling Lead-Acid Batteries

Connector Spring 2016

A guide produced by an intergovernmental group lays out recommendations for lead-acid battery recycling in North America.

The technical guidelines, which can be read in full here, are meant to establish a uniform process for handling and processing spent lead-acid batteries (SLAB).

The product of more than two years of research, Environmentally Sound Management of Spent Lead-Acid Batteries in North America comes on the heels of a major Washington Post story exposing the treacherous working conditions of SLAB recycling operations in Mexico.

The report was released by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, a partnership between the governments of Canada, the US and Mexico. It was produced by CM Consulting, which is led by Clarissa Morawski, and Kelleher Environmental.

The US EPA estimates that 99 percent SLABs in the US are recycled.

Source: Resource Recycling