Meet the 2016 Summer Ambassadors!

Connector Spring 2016

ambassadors set up a presentation in a school gymThe RCA’s Recycling Ambassadors are back and have a busy and exciting summer planned. This year, the Ambassadors are taking part in several waste audits, conducting phone surveys, presenting at elementary schools, and setting up educational booths at community events across the province. The Ambassadors are excited to learn all about the world of waste reduction and recycling and experience it first hand.

Angelica Rice is a student at Mount Royal University studying Environmental Science, and she is the co-vice president for the Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection Club on campus. Angelica applied to become an Ambassador because she is passionate about waste reduction and wants to learn more about what is being done in Alberta. She is also looking forward to gaining more experience Summer Ambassadors Isabella and Angelicainteracting with the public, especially youth, through various community events the Ambassadors will be attending over the summer. In her free time, Angelica enjoys hiking, reading and working out.

Isabella Luu is the second Calgary-based Ambassador, and also a student at Mount Royal University studying Environmental Science. In her first month as an Ambassador, Isabella has learned the importance of waste reduction and enjoys engaging with Alberambassador staffing booth at an eventtans on how they can divert their waste. As part of her studies, Isabella carried out a waste audit at a restaurant and is looking forward to getting her hands dirty again by taking part in municipal waste audits this summer. Isabella enjoys taking advantage of Alberta’s backyard by hiking in the Rockies and pulling out her yoga mat and experiencing the nature that surrounds her.

If you have a project that could benefit from the help of the RCA’s Summer Ambassadors, contact Leanne Moreira at or 403.463.4463 to discuss project costs and your requirements. Project duration can vary from one day to four months.