H&M Launches Recycled Polyester Sportswear

Connector Winter 2018

Clothing giant H&M has unveiled a new sportswear collection for women that is predominately made from recycled polyester, bringing the company closer to its goal of becoming circular by 2030.

H&M placed its latest sportswear collection on sale January 4th, which is made “solely from sustainable materials”. The new activewear features a range of tights, sports bras, hoodies and tops that consist of recycled polyester and elastane (lyrca).

“By bringing together the functional and feminine, the aim is to give customers a stylish, conscious sports collection. And not just through the fabrics – we utilized a new knitting technique that creates seamless garments while using less yarn or fabric waste. Blending function with sustainable thinking and fashion in this way is the way forward,” H&M’s head designer of sportswear Petra Smeds said.

H&M has yet to disclose the percentage of recycled polyester in the new range.

The new sportswear characterizes H&M’s vision of becoming a circular firm. The company has a goal in place to source 100% recycled or sustainable materials by 2030. As of 2016, H&M is more than a quarter of the way to this target and is currently one of the largest users of recycled polyester globally, alongside the likes of Nike.

H&M also purchases 43% of the company’s cotton from sustainable sources, such as the Better Cotton Initiative where H&M acts as the biggest certified user.

Circular economy principles, like the ones seen in the new activewear range, will be applied to 80% of H&M store concepts by 2025 and the company is striving to improve the collection of unwanted textiles. Since H&M signed up to the global Garment Collecting initiative in 2013, the group has collected 39,000 tonnes of unwanted textiles for reuse.

Source: edie.net