NDP Government Would Ban Single-Use Plastics by 2022

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NDP’s Climate Plan Pledges to Spend $15 Billion and Create Some 300,000 Jobs

The NDP says it would ban single-use plastics across Canada within three years if it wins this fall’s election.

The tight deadline is part of the party’s environmental platform. It pledges to spend $15 billion and create some 300,000 jobs while exceeding emission targets set under the Paris accord to fight climate change.

“To reduce waste in our landfills and communities, a New Democrat government will ban single-use plastics across Canada by 2022, and develop strong, enforceable extended producer responsibility legislation that holds companies responsible for the entire lifecycle of their plastics products and packaging,” says the platform document.

Canada has come under fire internationally for exporting contaminated recycling to developing countries. Sixty-nine containers of rotting garbage and contaminated recycling shipped to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 are now on their way back to Vancouver, at a cost to Canadian taxpayers of $1.14 million.

The international dispute is shining a bright light on the global recycling industry, which sends millions of tonnes of plastics meant for recycling to landfills around the world.

The NDP’s 22-page plan says a New Democrat government would help municipalities update their waste management and recycling programs by setting up a new “Canadian Climate Bank.” Three billion dollars would be set aside to encourage investments in climate-friendly projects and clean technologies.

The NDP’s plan is titled “Power to Change: A new deal for climate action and good jobs” — a nod to the ‘Green New Deal’ environmental plan being pushed by some U.S. Democrats.

“I have been inspired by people trying to bring a ‘green new deal’ to reality. Canadians need and want a new deal,” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said in a speech in Montreal on Friday.

“People feel like they are working harder and falling further behind,” Singh added. “Young people, who are leading the movement to fight this climate emergency, are angry about past governments and past generations who have let them down.”

The Green Party of Canada released its climate plan earlier, promising to double Canada’s emissions reduction targets.

Source: CBC News