Photo Contest Pictures Highlight Great Alberta Projects

Connector July 2020

The Recycling Council of Alberta held a photo contest this spring to gather pictures from members and the public. Submissions highlighted the great work done to engage kids and the community in environmental programs and reduction initiatives. While one winner was selected, the submissions are evidence of the passion and hard work found across multiple organizations.

Winning photo, Helping with Recycling, submitted by Anne Auriat at Edson and District Recycling Society.

The Edson and District Recycling Society runs a number of programs for the local community. Pictured below are other programs for local kids.

Other photos submitted with honourable mention include those below.

  • The Goodwill Edmonton Impact Centre diverts 90% of donated items from local landfills while employing vulnerable populations.

ATB Financial is a proud supporter of the Goodwill Sustainability Action Plan. On a recent visit, a team from ATB Financial in conjunction with Alberta Reads helped sort through discarded books, and cleaned them so they could be given back to impoverished areas in the community for children of all ages have an opportunity to read and acquire greater literacy skills.

  • Useful Bags turns scrap textiles that would otherwise end up in the landfill into cloth face masks, produce bags and other items. They are employing locals and they feed the leftover scraps to the worms in their vermicomposting operation.
  • Ciclomanias makes handmade upcycled products along with providing environmental education and workshops with an emphasis on waste reduction. Ciclomanias also provided eco-friendly picture frames for the speakers and guest’s at last year’s RCA conference.

Upcycling is Fun! A 10-year-old’s birthday party who loves nature and wanted to have an environmentally friendly celebration. They celebrated while talking about ways to reduce our ecological footprint, particularly waste reduction.