Announcement: Food and Beverage Cartons Now Recycled Domestically in Canada

Connector May 2020

On behalf of Carton Council of Canada and Sustana Fiber, I am pleased to share the news that Sustana’s mill located in Lévis, Quebec has begun accepting food and beverage cartons for recycling. Sustana Fibre Lévis is the first Canadian mill in 20 years to recycle cartons. This is an important milestone for cartons in Canada, as we now also have access to a domestic recycler of post-consumer food and beverage cartons, in addition to recyclers in the USA and overseas. 

You can find the full text of the announcement here.

The decision to recycle cartons at the Lévis facility reflects Sustana’s strategic commitment to innovation and sustainability as well as the need for alternative sources of high-quality fibre due to the demand for household paper products.

If you have questions about this announcement, please feel free to reach out. I would be happy to discuss it with you.


Isabelle Faucher
Managing Director, Carton Council of Canada

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