Baltimore Bans Polystyrene Containers

Connector Spring 2018

Baltimore City has banned containers made of polystyrene foam, also known as Styrofoam. As of April 17, 2018, there is an 18-month phase-in period to give industry time to comply.

The law bans businesses from selling carryout in Styrofoam containers, cups, plates, and clamshells. Violators of the new law could face a $1,000 fine.

Similar measures failed several times in the past thanks to opposition from restaurants, whose owners said switching takeout containers will cost them more.

“They’re 250 percent to 300 percent increases, and our industry can’t sustain them,” said David Stahl, former owner of Pete’s Grille. “Every business owner will have to factor the cost to the consumer,” said Bill Kouroublakis, owner of Bella Roma.

Councilman John Bullock, D-District 9, the bill’s sponsor, said he believes what made the difference this time was a changing of the guard on the City Council. “We passed this bill unanimously. That says a whole lot about how we feel about the environment and what we can do to be better stewards of the environment,” Bullock said.

Source: WBAL TV