HP Increases Use of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

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HP reported that it has diverted 170 tonnes of plastic from the oceans over the past 12 months, after pledging to recycle “ocean-bound” plastic bottles for use in its range of ink cartridges.

The technology firm’s latest sustainability report, published in June, revealed that HP used more than 18,000 tonnes of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in its cartridges in 2017, including 8.3 million plastic bottles sourced from Haiti as part of its partnership with Thread and the First Mile Coalition.

The move means that 80% of HP ink cartridges now contain 45-70% recycled content and all toner cartridges contain at least 10% recycled content. In total, more than 8.3 million “ocean-bound” plastic bottles were used for HP products in 2017.

The report also notes the progress of HP’s Planet Partners e-waste recycling scheme, which last year recovered 3,200 tonnes of plastic resin from recycled electronics for use in new printers. It highlights the fact that the initiative enabled the company to produce three of its printers with more than 20% recycled plastics for the first time last year, adding that HP has used more than 99,000 tonnes of recycled plastics in its products since it was founded.

Alongside moves to promote the use of recycled content, HP won more than 900 million dollars of new business deals where sustainability was a “key differentiator” in 2017, noting a 38% year-on-year rise in deals where sustainability was a requirement.

HP’s chief executive, Dion Weisler, said the company’s plastics actions and its wider sustainability goals would form a “reinvention” of its business models going forward.

“Today, corporations are expected to do more than just generate profit; they’re expected to use their resources to advance important societal causes, champion values and be a beacon of trust for industries, governments, and communities around the world,” Weisler said in a statement.

Source: edie.net