Grant Cameron Honoured by CPIA

Connector Fall 2016

grant-cameron-cpia-awardOn September 14, 2016, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) announced the winners of the 2016 Plastics Industry Leadership Awards at its annual Plastics Industry Leadership Awards Dinner. APRA’s Executive Director Grant Cameron was one of five individuals honoured with CPIA’s Lifetime Achievement Award for achievements and who contributed enduring legacies to Canada’s plastics industry.

“We are delighted to recognize and celebrate individuals and companies who have demonstrated leadership and excellence, contributing immensely to the plastics industry in the areas of innovation, sustainability and more.” said Carol Hochu, President and CEO of CPIA.

Grant commented “Plastics recycling does not occur in a vacuum and cannot exist as a stand-alone function. We can only succeed when we understand the fit of waste plastics as a component of larger solid-waste planning and commodity diversion”.

Source: CPIA