Patagonia Expands Use of Recycled Materials

Connector Fall 2016

This season, Patagonia is taking another big step in the right direction in terms of keeping the earth clean, debuting its re\\\collection line of clothing.

The re\\\collection line expands on Patagonia’s most recent efforts to produce sustainable clothing. In addition to using 100% recycled down reclaimed from used down products for its popular Bivy jackets, this new line takes resourcefulness to another level, with Patagonia stating the new clothes are constructed from 100% recycled wool and 100% recycled polyester, as well as 85% recycled polyester labels, 80% recycled zippers, and 50% recycled buttons.

Creative director of product design Miles Johnson told Business Insider the innovation comes through continuous effort.

“We are constantly looking at opportunities to use recycled fabrics, if they make sense to what we are trying to achieve. You can’t do everything with recycling, but you can keep trying things out to do more with them and make them stronger and more versatile.” he said.

What that constant searching has brought this season is the most sustainable and eco-friendly line yet from Patagonia.

Source: Business Insider