Paper, Cardboard Banned from Northwestern BC Landfills

Connector Fall 2016

The Terrace and Thornhill landfills are no longer accepting paper and cardboard as of Sept. 1, and businesses are being directed to take it to the Do Your Part Recycling depot in Thornhill.

“It’s all part of the larger shift in solid waste management,” explained Murray Daly from the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine. “It all ties together with the new landfill opening at Forceman Ridge… and the Thornhill transition to a transfer station.”

Daly said the aim of directing paper and cardboard to the recycling depot is to preserve space in the new landfill.

Companies who previously brought cardboard to the landfill will need to either arrange for a cardboard/paper dumpster or will have to bring it to the Do Your Part depot. There they will weigh the amount of paper and cardboard, called fibre, and be charged a fee based on the weight – $99 per tonne.

Starting later in the year, people in Terrace and the regional district will be required to put organics in a separate waste bin, which would be a third stream alongside the blue and black curbside waste bins.

Source: Terrace Standard