Canadian Cannabis Packaging Recycling Solution

Connector Spring 2019

Canada’s legal cannabis industry is starting to come to grips with its waste problem: an avalanche of pot packaging that’s good at meeting regulatory demands, but tricky to recycle.

Federal cannabis regulations don’t directly tell producers what materials to use in their packaging, but they do require marijuana containers be opaque or semitransparent, guard against contamination, keep cannabis bud dry, and keep children out.

Cannabis industry colossus Canopy Growth Corp. is underwriting such a container recycling program through its Tweed retail brand. The program is administered by New Jersey-based company TerraCycle, and accepts containers collected by any licensed cannabis retailer in Canada, whether or not they’re affiliated with Canopy Growth. Individual consumers can also mail used weed vessels directly to TerraCycle for recycling.

TerraCycle and its subcontractors will take those containers, clean them, and melt them down into plastic pellets, which can then be manufactured into new products. (

High Tide Inc., which operates 10 Canna Cabana stores in Alberta, has signed up for TerraCycle’s program and installed recycling bins in its stores. Spokesman Jason Kostiw said the company took interest in recycling containers after hearing “lots from customers about the sheer amount of packaging.”

Source: Winnipeg Free Press