New South Wales Labour Unveils War on Waste

Connector Spring 2019

A Daley Labour Government has declared war on waste announcing it will ban single-use plastic bags, phase out single-use plastic and invest an additional $140 million into local recycling initiatives that also generate local jobs.

New South Wales (NSW), Australia, is the second highest per capita waste producer in the world. Every person in NSW generates two tonnes of waste each year. The NSW waste system is in crisis with the ban on recycled products going to China, rapidly declining sites for landfill, a collapsing market for recycled material and a current state government that has failed to engage with key stakeholders to solve the problems.

Labour’s plan will:

  • Ban single-use plastic bags and develop a long-term single-use plastic phase out plan for NSW;
  • Establish a Circular Economy and Job Creation Investment Fund to provide an additional $140 million over four years to support investment in recycling and resource recovery facilities in NSW and generate local jobs; and
  • Establish a Recycling, Resource Recovery and Waste Council with all key stakeholders to provide advice to the Minister for the Environment, including moving NSW towards a truly circular economy where waste is avoided, reduced, reused and recycled.

Labour’s new $140 million Circular Economy and Job Creation Investment Fund will supercharge support for the resource recovery and recycling industry and local government, such as investment in recycling facilities, material processing facilities, increasing community-based waste reduction and recycling, and providing seed funding for innovative solutions to dealing with waste.

It will be established by investing unallocated waste levy revenue and ensuring every dollar earned is spent on addressing waste and supporting recycling and environmental programs.

Source: Michael Daley & Labor