City of Lethbridge Opens New Material Recovery Facility

Connector Spring 2019

May 8, 2019 saw the Grand Opening of the new single-stream material recovery facility (MRF) of the City of Lethbridge. This new system, commissioned in mid-April, will allow the City to process the residential recycling materials generated by the residents from the new blue cart program that will be set up during the following month.

Chris Hawn, CEO of Machinex Technologies comments on this project: “It is a pleasure for Machinex to be part of this municipal project. Working in collaboration with the City of Lethbridge and its consultant, we have been successful at achieving a sorting system responding well to the needs of the community.”

The recovery facility is designed to process 8 tons per hour of mixed single stream that comes primarily from residential recyclables with a limited amount of commercial recyclables. It features equipment such as a drum feeder, a MACH OCC screen as well as a fines screen at the beginning of the process. A MACH ONP screen, a MACH Ballistic Separator, a ferrous magnet, a non-ferrous separator, as well as a Machinex II-ram baler complete this system.

Source: Machinex