New South Wales Green Party Announce Bold Zero Waste Plan, a Transition to a Circular Economy

Connector Spring 2019

Greens New South Wales (NSW), Australia, MP and spokesperson for the environment Cate Faehrmann is calling for 100% of the NSW waste levy, or more than $2.1 billion over the next four years, to be diverted into tackling the waste crisis.

The NSW government currently spends just 16% of the waste levy on tackling waste, with the rest of the money diverted to general revenue.

“It was particularly disappointing that the Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton refused to commit one extra cent of the waste levy to tackling NSW’s growing recycling crisis,” Ms Faehrmann said. “This is despite our recyclables being stockpiled around the state and local government desperate for assistance.” Local councils were pleading with the political parties represented there today to commit to investing all of the waste levy on waste management.

The Greens Zero Waste plan, a transition to a circular economy, includes the following initiatives:

  • Dedicate 100% of the revenue raised by the Waste and Environment Levy into fixing our growing waste crisis.
  • Increase the Waste and Environment Levy 5% per annum.
  • Establish an independent NSW Waste and Resource Recovery Commissioner.
  • Return all curbside collection and landfill management to public ownership and co-ordination.
  • Phase out all single-use plastics products by 2023.
  • Introduce strict regulations requiring all packaging be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2023.
  • Mandate statewide curbside organic waste collection.
  • Ban all waste-to-energy schemes.
  • Moratorium on new landfill sites.
  • Invest in community education and awareness raising.

Source: Cate Faehrmann, NSW Greens MLC